Primary Progressive Aphasia

Diagnosis :

Marked reduction in uptake in Frontotemperal regions of the brain.
Neurofibrillary tangles. Tauopathy. normally soluble proteins become insoluble amyloid fibrils form as amyloid plaques.

APOE e4 genotype carriers dementia. C9ORF72 tau?


Aducanumab drug trials.
BACE inhibitors?
Biogen – Aducanumab (BIIB037)
Aromatherapy – Rosemary, Terpenes neuro protective. Also transdermal.
Testosterone Hormone treatment
galantamine ( snowdrop,daffodil) ACHe


Menopausal: Oestrogen dopamine oestradiol neuro-protectors.  HRT treatment?
Low body temperature.
Low blood pressure.
Diesel particulates: nitrogen oxide. Living and/or working by busy roads  and  Motorways.
Insecticides: Pesticides and fly killers are neurotoxins and cause neurodegenerative disorders.
Headaches: History of headaches. Regularly on waking. Diminishing after menopause.
Sleep disorder: History of poor sleep patterns.

Iron and dementia. Drinking reduces iron absorption.
Arterial stiffness.
Dehydration? Fluid intake. Not drinking enough.
Adipsia (lack thirst): Dopamine
Fronto-temporal dementia FTD.
Brain hypoxia – hypotension? hypothermia? Diabetes Glucose?


Pacing restless. Wandering.
Executive dysfunction. Organisational skills.
Self grooming diminishing.
Bouts of inertia (needs prompting for tasks,  going to bed).
Losing  finer qualities, Finesse, style.
Difficulties in social situations:
Reduced ability to engage in social interactions.
Finding it hard to initiate, participate in, or pay attention to conversations.
Reduced communication with partner
Reduced sexual and emotional intimacy with a partner
Reduced empathy and affection a lack of sympathy or compassion in someone who was typically responsive to others’ distress.

Lack of energy, tired dozing. Slow absorb information.
No longer interested in gardening, decorating, home improvements.
Nail biting, clutter blind. attention deficit.
taking longer than usual to find the right word for something.
Fail to sustain her attention. Less Loving, No please or thank yous, won’t give praise or compliments.

Wandering. Walks around in a ghost-like manner.   Silently creeping up on people.
Less giving, no compliments.
Stress incontinence.
Behavioural vFTD  less inhibited, farting,  decreased affection. Emotionally detached to anyone in need of sympathy.  emotionally blunted. flat facial expression and lack of emotional response.

Smell senses decrease with dementia.
Oestrogens gel for urinary incontinence. Oestrogel.

PPA types are Semantic, Agrammatic or Logopenic PPA:
The person has difficulty finding the right words during conversation but can understand words and sentences.

Some examples:

Roald Dahl (his 1st wife had aphasia) BFG  “what I mean and what I says is two different things”.

Tv suspense – no connection. TV commands their attention,  ignoring others trying to communicate.

Still doing:
Reading, Eating, washing, Driving, Cooking, TV. Remembering things.