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Travellers in the village

Last night the neighbour called to say travellers were parked on the green.  In the morning they were still there.  Took some photos, they are foreign number plates of which I deduce some are Greek (KLM 017), Craotia, Montenegro area.

I first rang the council, and got put on hold for ten minutes, gave up.  I then rang Paul James our councillor, answering machine so I left a message then sent him an email.

Greyhound Gardens travellers

I then rang the police station. They had more options, press this or that no answer after 5 minutes hung up and rang 101 as suggested.

101 had more options press this or that left it ringing for 5 minutes then it hung up!  They cut me off!

Sent an email to the community policeman in desperation via

Then had an email back from the council:


We are aware of the situation and an Officer is attending the site today to Serve an Eviction Notice on the Travellers


Customer Services Officer


So thanks to Merkelism & the EU open borders we now have gypos here from East Europe camping illegally.


Paul James rang me to explain that a law officer would visit the campers today but because it was a Bank holiday an eviction won’t happen till Tuesday!  He informed that these travellers have just been moved on from Holmleigh Park in Tuffley and have driven straight to Longlevens!

I later find references on the local rag website.  So they have been in Tuffley for a month!


Around six o’clock music started up so I rang 101 again.  Very cleverly, if you tap option 2 they inform you that noise is dealt with by the council, and it hangs up!  Rang again,  after  8 minutes I got to speak to someone and report it and yes she said that’s not illegal, so I said “Yes it is, because they are breaking the law camping on council land” she said a duty officer will call on the travellers so I left it at that knowing that they put their interests (the illegal campers) before the honest rates/tax paying public.

The Law

In a Home Office Guide to effective use of enforcement powers Part 1: Unauthorised encampments

I have found that under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act:

  • The police can use Section 61 of the CJPOA to direct unauthorised campers to leave the site. They can do this without reference to the courts.

Why  aren’t they using this ????