Android stuck in Bluetooth boot loop

I got used to my Touchpad tablet being so stable and reliable that I was taken aback one day when I turned the Bluetooth on it immediately rebooted,  and rebooted and…..

Yes, the dreaded boot loop had hit my trusty Touchpad.  The Cyanogenmod 9 install had worked (almost) flawlessly for several years. The bluetooth worked well but I never kept it turned on.

I couldn’t believe that Android became useless because of one area of corruption.  I have ClockWorkMod recovery installed but my last backup was a little old.  I tried clearing the cache, then the Dalvik cache but neither made any difference.

I wanted to use Safe mode but I don’t think CM9 has one.  I could still boot into WebOS but it has no way to access the root of CM9.  So I thought ADB would be the way forward.  I wanted to erase the /data/misc/bluetoothd path contents, but CWM v5 doesn’t give you ADB access.

So I eventually entered the world of Edify, the Android updater script. I found it a struggle to understand but came across the “Android Script Creator” for Windows and I was able to create a script that deleted the contents of /data/misc/bluetoothd.

I have made this fix available if anyone finds themselves in this predicament.

  1. Boot into CWM recovery and connect a USB cable to your PC.
  2. Select mount USB storage in CWM, PC sees it as a drive.
  3. Copy to the Android SD.
  4. Select ‘install zip from sdcard‘ and browse to

[downbyid id=’102′  label=’BTreset’ ]