Shared Hosting

Looking for hosting?

Looking for hosting that’s fast at a good price?  Me too.  If you find any let me know.  Having tried several sub £5 a month shared hosting companies it seems to me they are all up to the same trick.

For the first month you are put on a nice, shiny, new, fast server that is hosting very few other websites.

All seems great. Every page you create is snappy and quick loading. No server time-out errors or 500 error pages.  So that ‘trial introductory’ period where you test the server before committing gives you confidence to say ‘Yes, I’m in’.

What went wrong?

Then after a couple of months that same web page that loaded in 0.002 seconds now occasionally takes 10 seconds or 20 and you think ‘Oh what have I done?’ .  You fiddle with the code trying to see where the lag is to no avail.  You contact support and they suggest turning on the cache  or trying a different PHP version.  You get nowhere with it, then 3 hours later, that same web page is loading fast again!

Uhh?  How can that be? Perhaps it’s because it’s called, ‘shared hosting’.  Last month your site was on that nice shiny new server with next-to-nobody else.  Now your sharing it with maybe thirty, eighty, 100 or more others.

Service or Self?

Ever wondered why Hosting companies are confident to advertise ‘First month free’.  I do wonder why they need so many users on one server to break even.  But then having read about Andrew Michael who started ‘Fasthosts’ and became a millionaire in next to no time I guess they are all chasing that goal.

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