Nominet, a new domain, what a farce.

It’s been a while since I have registered a new domain but if my memory serves me well, it was a painless procedure that went without a hitch.


Unfortunately that isn’t the case anymore.  I spent a few weeks trying to decide which hosting company I would go with but I wanted an offer of a free domain to simplify the process.  I finally plumped for ‘’  with my domain ‘ ‘.  Filled in all the necessary information and hit the submit button.

Domain Propagation

Now if you have not gone through this process yourself there is a period where your domain goes nowhere, this period is called propagating.  Now Nominet say this can take anything from 2 – 48 hours.  I was aware of this so thought I would spend this time preparing  my site by uploading my back up.

Control Panel Woes

So I signed in to my Cpanel area and uploaded my website and configured mysql database.  Then I searched for the host temporary access to my web address so I could check I had done my setup correctly and it would work in  a browser.  The host give you a url something like: (hostadr)/home/madeupin/www.

But this was my first hurdle, my hosting company does not provide a means to do this, in fact they remove it in case it ‘overloads’ their server (eh?).  So there was nothing I could do but wait for my domain to propogate.

Nominet Verification

So after waiting 12 hours I tried again, but no my domain went nowhere.  I checked the WHOIS and there was my registration details but something looked a bit fishy. A line read: ‘Nominet is unable to verify the registrant name and/or address through their third-party data sources’  

24 hours later still nothing. I contacted my registrar support, they suggested making my domain details match my hosting details as I had used a nickname.  48 hours later still nothing doing. I was thinking of scrapping the whole thing.

Next morning I had an email from Nominet: ‘Congratulations, your domain is registered!’  At last, I tried it in a browser, it worked!  and as I expected my website didn’t, but now I could start tinkering.

I then went to WHOIS to see my updated details, it wasn’t updated, it still had my nickname instead of my name.  So it had taken around 2.5 days to address my domain! At least I could that behind me and press on.

More Grief

Two days later I got another email from Nominet stating that ‘Unfortunately we have been unable to validate the registrant detailsI thought it was to good to be true. Well ‘You’ knew that 3 days ago, I knew it from using WHOIS.

So they had approved my domain before they checked my details with their ‘third party sources’ but it took 3 days for them tell me.   So now I don’t know if the update has gone through because they are so bloody slow at what they are paid for!

Next Move

After 4 more days still no contact from ‘’ my Registrar or Nominet.  So I contacted unlimitedwebhosting support and was told there was nothing they could do and I needed to contact Nominet……. did that, still waiting.


So after another 3 days an email came back telling me to go to their website to reset my password…. I haven’t got a password, and I explained that in my email.

Twenty minutes later I had another email from them advising me to go to their website and enter a new password. Anyway, it all worked I was able login and manage my domain on the Nominet website and I could see the changes I made on the unLtd website had not been sent to Nominet.

I made the changes and 1 day later the ‘automated validator‘ approved my details, phew!


Long and short of all this is: Some registrars are not making people aware that your doamin details must match a data search for the property.  Even though Nominet had correct contact information for me, the domain info must be authentic.

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