Doogee DG750 Iron Bone

My HTC Wildfire has given me several years of trust worthy performance I felt the need to move on to a smarter phone.


The problem was/is that I like the Wildfire.  It is small enough to fit in a pocket easily,  it is robust capable and reliable.  But things have moved on,  many applications struggle, if you can find the space to install them, and I long for a better camera and even the odd selfie.

The Doogee DG750 is a good looker.
The Quest

So I decided that a 5″ phone would be too big.  But upon closer detective work some 5″ phones aren’t as long/tall as 4.5″ phones! I wanted 3G, GPS, OTG a front camera and a battery at least 2000mAh.

Front & rear view
Front & rear view


So to the Doogee.  This is a very nippy Android phone.  Touch response is good, wifi and 3G connection fine.  Browsing the internet is fast and video and gaming is fluent.

The GPS though leaves a bit to be desired.  I have read that Mediatek chips can be very poor with GPS signals and I have found the 750 will find those satellites quickly, anything from 30secs to 2 minutes.   But once a fix is found my grumble is the accuracy.

Standing still the best I have seen is around 18 feet, sometimes down to 12 feet but it is not steady. Using GPS test app switching to the Latitude/Longitude screen the last three digits of the fix are fluctuating all the time. Even worse, the accuracy distance rises with movement.

So using it for SatNav directions in your car is a very inconsistent affair.  Travelling at 50 mph sees the accuracy go up to around 100 feet!  That means if there is another road within that distance the SatNav will have you hopping from any road within that distance. Thankfully as you slow down for junctions the accuracy will increase again putting you back on the road your actually on.

I have experimented with improving the antenna with copper strips etc which do work when loosely attached, but when folded inside the backing case make it worse.  So I concluded that the inner electrics probably interfere with the satellite reception.

Battery life when not in use is excellent. Overnight it loses less than 3% in 8 hours. In use with wifi 3G GPS on it loses around 1% every 3-4 minutes. I am happy with this as I m not a ‘power user’ ( or, people who spend all day fixated with there eyes glued to their phone).


I am missing calls and messages because the vibration of this phone is weaker than my Wildfire and the volume of the alert sound is not much better and the lack of an LED.  My remedy was to install a notification repeater app.  But worse than that Jim is you cannot open the screen as soon as a message comes in!  The phone fails to respond to the button or tapping the screen to ‘open up’ obviously the app is consuming all the power!



This was an area I wanted to improve on from my 5mp HTC.  The DG750 claims 8mp but it is interpolated?  improved by software from probably 5mp.  It is possible to take a good picture but it is not consistent.  Different lighting conditions and distance of object mean 2 or 3 shots are needed to get the best shot.  The colours are more  vibrant than my old phone and the software has many options for tweaking the picture.  Flash photos need to be over exposed to  work at all.

Update: After ~11 months the rear/back camera just disappeared! Still had front camera for selfies (if you like that). Camera app error ‘Cannot connect to camera’.

I rebooted, no change, powered off, no change. When I got home I took the camera apart and fiddled around a bit and lost both cameras. Had another fiddle trying to make sure camera connectors were engaged and finally restored both front and rear camera.

OTG Fail

I have now tested the OTG feature of this phone. Using apps from Google Play to check for the feature results in OTG not found or device not supported.

I could not find one app that would acknowledge Doogees claim for OTG support, very disappointing.

Malware Warning

Interesting development has arisen. Having  traveled through Japan onto Australia I had some mysterious notifications pop up asking me to download some app written in, what I assumed was, Japanese.  A search on the internet didn’t throw any light on what it was so I installed a virus checker that told me the phone was infected with a PUP (possible Unwanted Program).  The App was ‘Camera box’ (Camerabox) that was pre-installed on the phone for producing fancy photo tricks.   It is developed by a third party for Doogee and worryingly the application can’t be found on Google Play.  But by all accounts it is Chinese.

I removed the App as advised by the ESET mobile security and, touch wood, the notifications have stopped.  Now if Doogee aren’t aware of this little toe rag of an app it is pretty poor.